Gen Kidwell

Family Cookbook
by Gen Kidwell

Banana Cream Pie

Make two pie shells, don't spray cooking spray on them!! Take a fork a make pricks in it bottom and sides. Cook at 300 till golden brown takes about 10 minutes.

When cooled take a regular package of vanilla instant pudding and mix one cup milk in it. This is the hardest part, get the lumps out, fold one cup of cool whip in it and 2 large bananas cut up. Then put cool whip on top about a cup and a half or as much as you want.

To make coconut do the same but put in one cup of coconut instead of the bananas and sprinkle coconut all over the top of the cool whip.

It is good to cook both pie shells and put one cooked one in the freezer for another pie that can be put together quick.

It might be good to cook two one banana and one coconut!!

You will be King!!

Added notes:

Pie shells easy to burn so watch carefully!!!

Also never get the banana instant or the coconut instant, they taste uck!!!

Just Vanilla and never lemon!! hahaha

because HE lives...

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