Gen Kidwell

Family Cookbook
by Gen Kidwell

Creamy Strawberry Ice Box Pie

The really nice thing about this pie is that you can have a wonderful strawberry pie even in Winter, but I am having it on Easter!

Have a baked pie crust (my recipe!!) about 9 inches.

1 - 16 oz. package of frozen sweetened strawberries.
Let thaw and drain juice put all of the juice in a sauce pan with a package of strawberry jello.
Let boil up and dissolve the jello.
Then stir 2 cups of vanilla ice cream into the strawberry juice jello mixture.
I put mine in a bowl and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes or until it starts to jell.
Then stir one cup of cool whip in it (cool whip stands up better than whipping cream at this point).
Then add the reserved strawberries in the mixture and pile in the baked pie crust.
Then when you are ready to serve whip up real whipped cream to put on top!! Enjoy!!!


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