Gen Kidwell

Family Cookbook
by Gen Kidwell

Fresh Mushroom Chicken Crepes

This is a great company meal, fancy yet really not hard to do!!
You can make it with flour tortillas if you don't want to make the crepes.
Just soften them fill them and cook them just like you would the crepes.


9 thawed chicken tenders (I get mine from Sam’s) in large pan
1 stick of margarine and cook until done (not pink anymore)

Remove chicken and put:

1 cut up red pepper
1 cut up green pepper
1 cut up medium onion
1 - 8 oz of sliced fresh mushrooms, cook until tender crisp.

Then put in:

½ a cup of flour and stir
2 cups of milk
2 chicken bullion cubes

Put in chicken that you put aside and cook until thick. Let cool.
When cooled stir in about 1 ½ cups of sour cream.
Be sure mixture has cooled before you put in the sour cream.

Crepe mixture

In a blender put:
1 cup of milk
3 large eggs

On top of this put:

1 cup of flour
1/3 cup of cornmeal
½ teaspoon of salt
1 stick of melted margarine

Blend with blender, wipe down sides of mixture and blend again.

In a greased 9 inch Teflon skillet get hot then put a third of a cup of crepe mixture in pan and start shaking the pan to get it as large a crepe as you can the larger and thinner the better. This made 9 crepe's for me.
(with the margarine in the batter should not have to re grease but spray with Pam if you need to)

Stack and put in icebox. You can put wax paper between crepes and they are better.

Spray large baking pan with cooking spray (like Pam) put crepe down put chicken mixture in middle (be generous) fold over. When finished put Cheddar cheese and I like cooked chopped bacon on mine.
Cook until hot and bubbly.

Be brave you can do it!!

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