Gen Kidwell

Family Cookbook
by Gen Kidwell

Vanilla Cream Cheese Pound Cake

In mixer bowl put:

2 ¾ cups of white sugar
2 tablespoons of vanilla
1 - 8 oz pkg. of cream cheese softened
1 cup of butter softened

Beat real good and add:

6 eggs one at a time beating well

On top of that put:

½ teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Beat this with the egg mixture then put:

3 cups of flour
½ cup of condensed milk, like Pet.

Beat good and put this in a greased and floured tube pan, I use an angel food tube pan or two loaf pans.
I set my oven for 300 degrees. After 30 minutes I covered it with foil loosely, so it would not over brown. I cooked it for an hour took it out tested it with a broom straw I had washed and dried. Perfect!! I took it
out and went around the sides of the pan and the tube with a sharp knife. Then turned it out on a plate.
Served strawberries and real whip cream!! Yum!!

Note: If you cook the cake in 2 loaf pans it just takes 45 minutes covering it up with foil half way!!

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